Website Replication

With CROWDBUILD™ tracking codes installed on your existing websites, landing pages and lead generation funnels easily auto-replicate them to each sales rep.

For Teams: Website, Landing Page, & Funnel Replication

Whether your team members market your campaign or company on one website, or each team has its own branded landing page, CROWDBUILD™ technology gives every team member a customized link.


Here are examples of a customized link:


  • http://salesperson’


When your team members share his or her special link via email, social media, or other digital communications and the recipient visits the website, CROWDBUILD™ technology will then drop a browser cookie assigning the visitor to the sales rep. That cookie will identify repeat visitors and will direct them to the original sales rep. If you connect your webforms to CROWDBUILD™, any visitors who complete a contact or download form on your website will be added as a contact to the team members CROWDBUILD™ account.


Place merge tags on your website to brand content, links, and images on the page to a sales rep when someone visits the team members unique URL.

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