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CrowdBuild™ has all the components that you need to achieve your funding goals – Marketing Automation, Social Media Outreach, and Community Relations Management.

How it works – It’s literally as simple as connecting… the DOTs

Develop your strategy

First –Create your overall messaging strategy by writing the emails, building the campaign(s), and setting the automation rules by simply clicking the dots.

Launch your strategy

Second - once you have written the emails you are ready to launch the lead generation and engagement phase of your campaign.

Grow interested base

Third – CROWDBUILD™ will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your messaging and learn more about your prospects and how best to nurture them until you are ready to become clients.

Features to help you GET FUNDED.

Simple CRM for everyone

A Client Relationship Management (CRM) tool is essential for every campaign. Until now, most CRMs have been too expensive and complex.


The CROWDBUILD™ platform includes a simple CRM we developed that provides critical data and functions that you need. This includes marketing automation and prospect tracking that’s built right into the platform, as well as a whole host of other communication tools.

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Marketing Automation for Everyone

All campaigns need marketing automation to effectively engage interested parties. This is typically costly and complex to be effective.


With CROWDBUILD™, that’s no longer true.

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Building Email Campaigns is as Simple as Connecting… The Dots

With CROWDBUILD™, every campaign action is viewed in the form of a DOT symbol. This makes it easy to create marketing campaigns with our intuitive DOT Sequencer.


With CROWDBUILD™, you will create emails to new and existing contacts. These emails can be sent with the built-in “merge tag” feature, automatically branding each of your campaigns.

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Social Media Marketing

Our “Get Social” marketing tool allows you schedule social posts to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Develop pre-built social post templates with the appropriate hashtags (#) and shortened URLs, so your team members can deploy them with no formatting or other technical skills needed. This provides the most efficient social media program to drive lead generation and engagement to your base.

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For Teams: Replicate Your Webpages for Every Team Member with Ease

With CROWDBUILD™ tracking codes installed, instantly replicate your existing websites, landing pages and lead generation funnels branded to each team member. Our replication feature works with any website and hosting provider.


Now every team member has their own webpages to market your products and services online.

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For Teams: Co-op Blogging

With CROWDBUILD™ your blog can now be the official blog of every team member. With CROWDBUILD™ tracking codes in place when your team members send traffic to your official blog using their unique URL our technology can auto brand blog articles, about us, contact pages and more to your team member.

Web forms can be tied to your sales rep instantly empowering them to share your articles for their own lead generation efforts. The result, high quality back-links, better search engine rankings, and more traffic.

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Automatically Assign Traffic or Leads to appropriate team members

CROWDBUILD™ lets you rotate website visitors and/or identified leads and assign them to your team members automatically. Use our rotator links with your current PPC, retargeting, and social media marketing campaigns.

Providing lead generation to a large group of team members has never been this easy.

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Protect Your Email Deliverability. No More Phony Emails

We have integrated with Kickbox.io, a leader in email and data cleansing. At no additional cost, you can have peace of mind knowing that every contact email added to our system has been verified as a deliverable address.

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A New Way to Track Online

CROWDBUILD™ employs cutting-edge individual behavior tracking technology to help you identify and understand your prospects through a combination of IP recognition, and device fingerprinting techniques.

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Analytics & Reporting

Big data is no longer just for the biggest companies. With CROWDBUILD™’s advanced analytics and reporting, you can reveal the BIG data you and your team members collect and put it to work for you.


CROWDBUILD™ analytics allow you to mine your big data; begin measuring the effectiveness of your team members and marketing strategy; and develop powerful metrics to increase your bottom line profits.

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