Marketing Automation

For most small businesses the cost of getting a marketing automation solution combined with the long-term commitment is impractical. With CROWDBUILD™, that’s no longer true. Now, you can put lead scoring, sales alerts, lead nurturing, and a comprehensive sales strategy in place to help you and your team develop personal client relationships and increase funding faster.

Why should you be lead nurturing?

The reality is the majority of your contacts are not ready to buy you, your idea, or your business.


So how can you maintain top-of-mind awareness to your contacts, gain credibility, and be there when your campaign is ready to ask for funding?

Answer: Lead Nurturing

After launching your messaging campaign, how do you track its effectiveness?

How do you move forward with the leads who opened and clicked your emails? What do you do with the individuals who take it a step further and visit your website, view three web pages, or download a whitepaper? There is a tremendous difference and business advantage between an open email and specific actions that express real interest in your idea, business…

With CROWDBUILD™, these actions are opportunities.

CROWDBUILD™ automatically tracks interactions with your campaign and website. You can react to these opportunities in real-time.


You can treat each contact differently and appropriately based on email and online interactions. Over time, you gain vital intelligence about your prospects’ activities and interests. This intel will allow you to more fully engage your leads and build stronger relationships with them.

Identify your real potential clients..

When is a prospect “ready”? CROWDBUILD™’s Lead Scoring System automatically determines which contacts are qualified and which need more attention.


Our Lead Score System tracks and grades each of your contacts activities. This system takes the guesswork out of how to engage and when to ask for business. Our system triggers email alerts, based on lead score, lead stage, and real-time activities, directly to your inbox.

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