Lead Protection

Give your team members peace of mind with CROWDBUILD™ lead protection.

For Teams: Provide lead protection within your organization

Whether your team members market your products or services on a single corporate website or each rep has his or her own branded landing page, CROWDBUILD™ technology gives every sales rep a customized link.


Here are examples of a customized link:
– www.yourwebsite.com/page.html/#!CROWDBUILDID
– www.yourwebsite.com/page.html/salesperson’s-name.
– http://salesperson’s-name.yourwebsite.com

Capture unidentified contacts

Once your sales rep shares his or her special link via email, social media, or other digital communication, and then the recipient visits your website, CROWDBUILD™ technology will then drop a browser cookie assigning the visitor to the sales rep.


Once installed, that cookie will identify repeat visitors and will assign them to the original rep. If that visitor completes a contact or download form on your website, he or she will be added as a contact to the team members CROWDBUILD™ account.

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