A Client Relationship Management (CRM) tool is essential for every business. The CROWDBUILD™ platform includes a simple CRM that provides critical data and functions you need including marketing automation and a package of other communication tools.

Contact Catalog

You will see all of your contacts in one panel. Valuable information like email opens and clicks, website visits, lead stage level, and lead score are available for each contact. Contacts will be displayed based on level on engagement. Click any contact name or the “eye” icons to view more information.


Various filters are available for your contact list by system (mass actions) or unlimited custom tagging.

Mass Actions

Mass actions allow you to perform the following functions on a selected group of contacts at one time: create and assign a tag, create and assign a note, add to a campaign, export to a CSV file, or remove from your account.


Create and apply and unlimited number of tags based on attributes determined by you. Tag contacts individually or as a group. Filter by tag(s) in the lead catalog.

Personally Identifiable Information

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) can be entered when you add a contact manually or collected automatically when a contact is added via webform. All PII can be viewed and edited in a contact profile.

Activity Overview

See every interaction your contact has with your outreaches including: lead stage level, lead score, total visits, total page views, total email opens, total email clicks, time spent on your tracked websites and downloads.

Campaign Manager

Select from a list of your prebuilt lead-nurturing campaigns.

Notes, Tasks, Attachments, and Manual Scoring

Add notes about a contact in their profile. Schedule tasks with reminders for a timely follow-up. Upload proposals or other documents. Manually modify a lead score based on meetings and live prospect interactions.

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